The Fruit Flies promote a unique vocal sound. It's the sort of thing usually shared only by brothers, then left sleeping on the bed while they take a shower or tiptoe out the back. Not since the Marx Brothers has this type of unnatural vocal blend been heard, at least in close quarters. Thanks to the tiresome efforts of the Fruit Flies and their enablers, all of this is about to change.

Who are the Fruit Flies? Ignoring the advice of his doctor, George C. arrived with two coat pockets full of sandwiches in 1993 expecting to take the Music world by storm. He scheduled a gig or two but sadly the sandwiches soon ran out and he discovered he would need to sing or play an instrument. In the meantime he convinced his probation officer Jeff K. to move to Nashville, lending his guitar and intimate knowledge of food stamp fraud. Soon the two had worked up a cabaret act that became the talk of the shelter.

How can the music of the Fruit Flies best be described? Sometimes the flapping arms and strangled cries will remind you of that cheap cassette radio playing at a nursing home. Who knows if the old folks enjoy it? At any rate, the nurses are probably tired of it and rightly so. It is this wide-ranging but inconclusive appeal that the Fruit Flies have undeniably established the world over.
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